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Canoe Rentals

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Standard Canoe Packages

Quality WeNoNah Royalex canoes are packaged with suitable equipment. Canoes can only be hauled on a vehicle with a roof rack (no rack = no canoe). Trucks without a rack require renting an Extend a Truck which goes in the reciever and extends back 4ft so the canoe can be hauled in the back of the truck. We supply cam straps necessary for securing the canoe to the vehicle. We also rent a canoe trailer, which will transport up to 6 canoes.

Included equipment: 2 paddles, 2 PFDs (personal flotation devices) and throw bag.

17' Spirit II (Touring Canoe) - $65.00

18' Champlain (Expedition Canoe)- $65.00

Canoe Trailer - $55.00

Canoeing Accessories

We reserve the right to refuse accessory only rentals during the peak rental season of May 1 to August 31.

Extend a Truck (receiver rack) - $10.00

Paddle - $3.00

70ft Rescue Bag - $4.00

Center Flotation - $5.00

80 Qt Cooler - $10.00

PFD - $5.00

Helmet - $3.00

Wetsuit - $10.00