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2018 Boat n Bike Swap

Sunshine Sportís Annual Boat-n-Bike Swap is a great way to buy or sell used boating and biking equipment. With a large amount of equipment assembled in one location and a knowledgeable staff provided by Sunshine Sports, Pedal United and Beartooth Paddlers Society.This is an extraordinary event. This year Pedal United will hosting the bike sector of the swap as a fund raiser and offer helpful bike knowledge for bicycle shoppers.



Date of the Swap

The 2018 Boat-n-Bike Swap will be on Saturday, May 5th. The gates open for buyers at 10:00am. We fence the lot surrounding the swap for security and to maintain an orderly sale. If you are a buyer please take note, the public is not allowed into the fence to browse for gear until the sale starts at 10:00am.


How the Boat n Bike Swap Works

Sunshine Sports acts as a middle man to bring sellers and buyers together. Sellers check in their gear to Sunshine Sports during the two days preceding the swap and pay their equipment handling fees. The night before the swap our crew fences our front parking lot and bright and early the morning of the swap we start moving all the collected gear to the front parking lot. We have carpeted areas for more delicate boats, composite canoes and touring boats and racks to hang bikes. Sunshine Sports in conjunction with the Beartooth Paddlers supply the personnel to staff the event so sellers need not be present. Although past sellers, who opted to stay and personally sell their gear, have proven that it improves your success to be on site to sell their products. At the end of the day all unsold products must be picked up.


Gear Drop Off

Equipment can be dropped off anytime Thursday May 3rd or Friday May 4th from 9:00am to 6:00pm at Sunshine Sports. Sunshine Sports is located at 304 Moore Lane. Please call the store at (406)252-3724 if you have any questions. Gear may also be dropped off from 8:00am to 11:00am Saturday May 5th, the day of the Swap. Because the early bird always gets the worm, or the best buy on that boat or bike, a large percentage of the sales go through the sales counter before 1:00pm. Having your gear on display by the time the swap starts at 10:00am is important. The gear check in line can be quite long the morning of the swap, so we highly recommend checking in your gear on Thursday or Friday.


Getting Paid For Sold Gear

Sunshine Sports acts only as a middle man in the Swap. All money is paid directly to the sellers and must be picked up between 4pm and 5pm the day of the swap. The seller has the right to accept the following forms of payment (Cash, Checks & Credit Cards)  Checks are made out directly to the seller. All buyers are required to present an ID for checks and credit cards.  Credit cards, which can be a safer form of payment than checks, have to be processed by Sunshine Sports. A 6% processing fee is charged and we mail out a check within 7 days to the seller.


Gear Pick Up

All unsold gear and money must be picked up on the day of the Swap between 4:00pm and 5:00pm.  Any unsold gear not picked the day of the Boat Swap will be subject to a $10 per day storage fee. Gear that is not picked up within 5 days will be donated to a local charity.  At the time you check your gear in, you have the option to donate any unsold gear.


Gear Handling Fees

Sunshine Sports does not charge commission but we do charge a small per item handling fee which is paid when gear is checked in. These gear-handling fees help to offset a portion of the expenses which Sunshine Sports incurs hosting the event. To follow is a schedule of the handling fees:

This year the bike portion of the swap will be a fund raiser for Pedal United. Bike gear can be submitted at no cost, and Pedal United will receive 20% of the sale which will go towards trail work, advocacy and all of the other great opportunities we have to help better your cycling world!


Boat Gear Pricing Boat Gear Handling Fee
$1 to $10 $1 per item
$11 to $49 $2 per item
$50 to $99 $3 per item
$100 to $249 $7 per item
$250 to $499 $10 per item
$500 to $999 $20 per item
$1000 to $1999 $30 per item
$2000 to $2999 $40 per item
$3000 and up $50 per item

Boat n Bike Swap Disclaimer

Sunshine Sports takes many precautions to make the swap a secure environment for buyers and sellers. We have had only a few minor incidents in 20+ years of hosting the swap. To check gear into the swap the seller is required to sign a contract stating that you will not hold Sunshine Sports and any other affiliated organizations responsible for any loss, damages, and theft of gear.


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